"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." - Joseph Pilates.

Private Pilates Training (also known as studio or clinical Pilates) is an exclusive and expert service that is sort after because our sessions provide you with a high quality Pilates experience which maximizes your results. Your session will be uniquely tailored and highly specific to your individual requirements, you’ll receive a postural assessment and a personalised program designed specifically for you, your body and your goals.

During your private session youʻll use a variety of specialised Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Arc Barrels, Mat and small apparatus.

Our sessions are taught by Perth experts who are fully qualified Pilates Practitioners. To view our qualifications and bios click here>>

Please note: If you have been referred to us via an Allied Health Care Professional in most cases private training is the best place to start. We recommend that you contact us before starting with us so we can help you work out the best solution for you. Our sessions are suitable for rehabilitation after an injury, supporting your body through pregnancy and birth, and for athletic conditioning.

To book your first private session with us please call 0401 436 986 or email us by clicking the below link:


Private Training Pricing

If you are a new client to our studio, grab one of our Studio Introductory Offer below to get you started. To attend our private duet sessions all new clients are required to attend an initial consultation.

Click on the SELECT button below to get started.

NB: The link will take you to our booking system Mindbody and prompt you to set up your username and password. If you do not see the time youʻd like please contact us directly.


Studio Intro Offer #1


Private Studio Initial Consultation (1:1)

Includes a one-hour private session

Valued at $105

Available for new clients to studio

Studio Intro Offer #2


Private Studio Session (1:1)

Includes IC + 2 one-hour sessions

Valued at $330

Available for current and new clients to studio


Duet Private Training Prices

Once you have attended an initial consultation with us, you have the option to continue your private training in a Duet format or continue with private training.

Our Duet sessions are instructed with one instructor and two clients. You can attend Duetʻs with a friend or you can leave it with us and weʻll pair you with another client.

**Please contact the studio directly prior to purchase a Duet Pack.

Click on the SELECT button below to get started.


DUET Private 5 Pack


DUET Private Studio Session (1:2)

Includes 5 one-hour sessions

Valued at $300

Available for current and new clients to studio

DUET Private 10 Pack


DUET Private Studio Session (1:2)

Includes 10 one-hour sessions

Valued at $600

Available for current and new clients to studio

DUET Private 20 Pack


DUET Private Studio Session (1:2)

Includes 20 one-hour sessions

Valued at $1200

Available for current and new clients to studio

Testimonial - Georgia.png
I have been struggling with my overall fitness and weight for years. I used to do pilates regularly but hadn’t for a few years. I felt totally out of tune with my body and uncomfortable and full of self-doubt. I found finding a studio that was conveniently located difficult, so when Jodie appeared under my office building, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The studio location has meant there were no real excuses not to go. I make up a lot of excuses for myself. So by being so central meant I had to go. Jodie’s tailored attention even in the mat classes meant I was able to work on what was specific to me. Jodie always makes me feel welcome in the studio and I never feel disadvantaged due to my weight or flexibility.

I have been doing private studio sessions which have been fantastic. To move at my own pace and really challenge myself. The perfectionist in me enjoys being able to achieve things I would never have been able to a year ago. I now do exercise every day and have a clear focus on my goals. I know that working with Jodie gives me the underlying strength to ensure I don’t injure myself in other training I do throughout the week.
— Georgia Malone

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