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Welcome to Vital Wellness

Good health is unquestionably our greatest asset – vital to every area of our busy, active lives. 

At Vital Wellness, our goal is to help you achieve true wellness in mind and body through the practice of Pilates and Yoga.

To do this, we have a team of dedicated, passionate instructors and a variety of classes that fit in with your work schedule and lifestyle – right here in Perth’s CBD.

Come join us and experience a new vitality and balance in your life...


What We Offer

Hands on correction is one way we teach you correct technique in Pilates. Shot taken by Jody Polson Photography,

Group Matwork Classes

Join our group classes for a welcoming and supportive community, personalised support and attention, as well as high-quality Pilates instruction.

Our group classes include Pilates Matwork, Stretch & Release, and Yoga Slow Flow - click below to start today on our intro offer.

Movement is Medicine. The more we move the healthier we become.

Workplace Wellness

Improve your posture, increase your energy and amplify your productivity through our Corporate Wellness Programs.

We offer on-site Pilates, Yoga & stretching classes, plus mindfulness & stress reduction workshops for your workplace and teams - click below to find out more.

Private Training progresses clients faster in their practice.

Private Classes

Private Pilates are one-on-one, exclusive and tailored classes designed to get you results.

If you are dedicated to your training and serious about getting results – whether that be to rehab an injury or for athletic conditioning – click below to learn more and book in.

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Hello, I'm Jodie

I created Vital Wellness out of a passion for all things movement – and from a deeply personal place of turning to Pilates myself to recover from injuries and ill health. Growing up, I competed in both gymnastics and touch rugby at state and national levels, followed with 7 years behind a desk… and my body reached a place where it couldn’t keep up. After trying everything to find relief from constant back-pain, headaches, stress and computer-related injuries, I tried Pilates and I’ve never looked back!

After only 8 sessions I saw incredible improvement, and 2 years later, I changed careers and started Vital Wellness – and now hold the highest levels of certified Pilates qualifications available in Australia. My goal is to help other athletes, corporates, or anyone needing to experience that same relief, access the benefits that Pilates and Yoga can offer – to the body and the mind!

If you need to invest in your health to improve your performance and quality of life – I would love to connect with you or see you in class! 

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Who is Pilates for?

It can be a little intimidating starting a new fitness class – Pilates in particular.  The good news is that the Pilates method is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and you can progress at your own pace, in your own time.

Pilates exercises are designed to target your core as well as providing you with a full body workout. They strengthen and tone your muscles, improving your posture while providing flexibility and balance, that unites your mind and body.     

When you begin Pilates with us, we take you through the basics first so you can feel confident during class and with your progress.  Our classes can be slow paced and, as you get stronger and gain experience, we will pick up the tempo to challenge you.  

The benefits of Pilates can be appreciated by all – from someone who is just starting out, to professional athletes. It truly is much more than just an exercise regime. Itʻs a total mind and body transformation.

If you are brand new to Pilates, we recommend that you start with either our Stretch & Release group class or a Private Initial Consultation.


New to Vital Wellness?

Grab our Private Class ‘Buy One Get One Free’ intro offer to get started!

Or why not book into your first group class on our ‘discounted intro offer‘?

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“Signing up with Vital Wellness Pilates was one of the best things I have done to improve my health!” - Brigitte Pedraza

Signing up with Vital Wellness Pilates was one of the best things I have done to improve my health! Before I met Jodie, I was struggling with back and neck problems as well as having trouble getting the motivation to start moving.

Since I started my training with Jodie four months ago, I have seen a significant improvement in my posture and back problems.
She has helped me recover the motivation I needed to start exercising again.

One of the best things about Jodie’s training is how much she cares about her clients. She is always looking at the best way to assist me, making the necessary variations to the program so that it suits my needs. I firmly believe in her exceptional skills as a fitness professional and highly recommend her services.
— Brigitte Pedraza
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