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"The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein.

Please find below answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked.  If you do not find the answer you need please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble booking a class and using the Mindbody app - it isn't working. Can you help?

Yes! If you are new to using Mindbody it can seem a little overwhelming at first.  We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you book with us.

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I'm a beginner can I join your regular classes?

Yes! We encourage all beginners to attend either Stretch and Release or Pilates Flow. We recommend attending at least 10 group classes before attempting Pilates Matwork or Pilates Circuit.

I am in pain, is Pilates ok for me?

Yes! Pilates is a very good tool for rehabilitation and pain management.  We recommend you call us for a chat so we can guide you to the most appropriate service for you.

What is your cancellation period for a group class?

We request you provide us with 4-hours notice for all our group classes. Cancellations made within this time-frame will be charged.

I have had a baby and have separation, is Pilates ok for me?

There are many benefits of practicing Pilates after having a baby including assisting with separation.  We recommend you call us for a chat so we can guide you to the most appropriate service for you.

Can I attend your group classes whilst pregnant?

Yes. You can attend our group classes during your 1st trimester of pregnancy. During the 2nd and 3rd trimester we suggest private training with us or attending specific Pregnancy classes.

Do I bring my own mat?

If you are attending the Perth CBD classes you do not need to bring a mat.  If you are attending our Baker's House classes you will need to bring along your own mat.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can conveniently and easily cancel through the Mindbody App.  Once you are logged in visit your schedule tab.  You can cancel your booking from this page.  If you are still unsure, we have provided a link below for detailed instructions. 

**Our cancellation period for group class is 1-hour prior and for studio it is 12-hours prior.  You will receive an auto email reminding you prior to these cancellation periods that you have a booking. 


I would like to use the 'Promotional Code' I was supplied, but it isn't working through the app.

At this stage there isn't an option to use the 'Promotional Code' through the app.  To redeem the code you will need to access your Mindbody account from your desktop computer.

I am trying to book a class but it says one of the following - Waitlist, Call, Sign Up or View Pricing.

Click the link below to see what each button means.