"Change happens through movement and movement heals." - Joseph Pilates.

We want you to have an incredible Pilates experience with us and receive all the beautiful benefits that practicing Pilates offers.

We encourage you to read through our class styles below to find a class that is best suited to you. We recommend that all new clients to Pilates attend either Pilates Flow or Stretch + Release.

Please note: If you have been referred to us via an Allied Health Care Professional we suggest that you contact us before starting with us so we can help you work out the best class for you.

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group classes

Stretch + Release

Stretch + Release is our basic class that we encourage all new clients to Pilates to attend.  It is also great for regular Pilates goers who need a good stretch out or some stress relief. During this class we stretch out the whole body, there is a big focus on breathing for relaxation, plus we end the session with a few minutes of mindfulness practice.

Pilates Essential

Pilates Essential is a Matwork class that focuses on core strength, improving flexibility and uses your own body weight for resistance. It is a slower class compared to our Pilates Intermediate (below) and is technique focused.  The perfect class for beginners to practicing Pilates or regular Pilates goers who want to brush up on technique.

*** We recommend newbies start here.

Pilates Intermediate

This is the cream of the crop!  Weʻll use a variety of small Pilates apparatus including the sliding discs, blue balls, magic circles, foam rollers or exercise bands to add challenge to your workout.  There is a big focus on glute, leg and abdominal strengthening within this class and our class moves at a faster pace to keep you moving the entire way through.

***We recommend beginners try our Pilates Essential and/or Stretch + Release prior to joining Pilates Intermediate.

Pilates Circuit

Pilates Circuit incorporates our larger apparatus such as the Reformers and Wunda Chairs. As the word circuit suggests, you move from apparatus to apparatus following a group program. Pilates Circuit is a combination of burn, stretching and core strengthening using the apparatus to challenge your regular Pilates Matwork exercises. It is a slower paced class with a big focus on technique, the precision of each movement and full body conditioning.  

***We recommend that new clients are familiar with the basics of Pilates before trying this class.


Studio Pilates (Private Pilates Training)

Our Studio Pilates sessions are an exclusive and expert service that is sort after because it gets you results through our specialty programming.

Your session will be uniquely tailored and highly specific to your individual requirements, plus you’ll receive a postural assessment and a personalised program designed specifically for you, your body and your goals.

Here are a few scenarios for clients who would benefit from practicing privately:

You are...

1. working through an injury, feel regular pain or have been referred to Pilates by your Doctor or Allied Healthcare Professional;

2. an athlete wanting to work on conditioning to prevent injuries or build specific strength for your sporting requirements;

3. are time poor and need a workout time that fits with your busy schedule, or;

4. wanting to learn more about the Pilates technique and your own movement patterns to amplify your results in a group class.