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My name is Juliette and my job is to teach people Pilates!

At the ripe old age of 12, I was diagnosed with a Scoliosis, which in layman's terms refers to the abnormal curvature of the spine. At the time, the severity of my curve was mild, I had little to no symptoms and there really wasn't anyone out there (professional or otherwise) who could provide my parents with information about what would happen to me if I was left untreated.  Whilst surgery was available, the risks associated meant it wasn't an option that seemed worthwhile entertaining, so for the majority of my teenage life my back went untreated.

Cut to the age of 19, and things that used not to bother me like sitting or standing for long periods, had started to create symptoms like back pain and stiffness, despite the fact that I was living a fairly active lifestyle. Physically the shape of my spine had changed a lot, my curvature had progressed and was now more noticeable than ever before, which despite my naivety was clearly causing my parents a lot of distress!

In a fashion that can really only be achieved by a concerned Dad, I was marched off to what might arguably be one of the best physiotherapists Perth has to offer! Following manual treatment, it was suggested I commence Pilates Classes to assist in balancing out some of the asymmetries that my body had developed. I participated in Pilates sessions weekly, which has not only helped with the symptoms I experience but has pushed me to educate myself on the complexities of a Scoliosis and what the best treatment options (exercise included) are for someone in my position.

The frustration of dealing with a Scoliosis is real! It creeps up on me and gets in the way of things that are important, like teaching, and it very quickly spirals out of control and starts creating a whole host of other issues that I am less than fond of (insert knee and shoulder pain). But! The positive side (because there's always something to be learned from every experience) is that it encourages me to keep asking questions, so I can get to the bottom of my own issues.

If we are put on this planet for a purpose and it's up to us to figure out what that purpose is, then this is most certainly mine! Many things have come from living with this spine, including a lot of "afflictions", but so to has come a lot of knowledge and experience.

Good health, above all else is my priority, after all, without it I am of little use to anyone! To me it's not good enough to put up with pain just because its 'normal' for someone in my position, so I make it my job to ask questions and find answers not just for myself, but so that others may see the value in their own health, and learn how good they really can feel!

Written by Juliette

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