The Top 9 Benefits to Practicing Pilates on the regular!

The Pilates method dates back to the 1920’s when the creator Joseph Pilates developed a unique method of body conditioning exercises combining both stretching and strengthening.

He believed  “if at the age of thirty you are stiff and out of shape, then you are old, if at sixty you are supple and strong, then you are young!”

How could Joseph Pilates have possibly known that today’s modern fast-paced society would ‘love’ but more importantly ‘need’ the practice of Pilates!

In our modern lives, we are subject to more physical and mental stressors than ever before. We spend endless hours sitting at our desks and using computers which has an impact on our overall health and happiness.

Without proper care of our bodies and minds it is almost impossible to feel happy and vibrant, but rather we feel tired, stressed and fatigued.  

There are many benefits of Pilates that we’d love to share with you, but we’ll list the TOP 9 BENEFITS!!!!

Improve your posture - if you use a computer all day for work, choosing an exercise modality that focuses on specific postural improvement is a must to prevent poor posture, pain, and potential injury!

Reduce lower back pain (LBP) - LBP is one of the most common complaints from my clients who work full time at a desk. During your Pilates session, your lower back is both stretched and strengthened to reduce pain and prevent future pain or injury.

Increase core strength - we all want this, strong abdominals. Pilates will not only strengthen your core, but it will also strengthen the other three levels of your abdominals as well. (Yep, you have 4 layers in total!!).

Increase muscle tone & strength - the Pilates system has been designed to give you longer leaner muscles! This is why all the movie stars love Pilates!!!!

Better joint mobility and stability - yeah boring! I hear you say. But having stronger joint mobility and stability keeps you both strong and supple.

Improve flexibility and range-of-movement - want to touch your toes? We stretch your entire body from head to toe and you won’t even know you are stretching because we hide stretching in each exercise movement (cool hey!).

Increase body awareness, balance, and coordination - they say that Pilates teachers are perfectionists! I would have to agree. We can’t help ourselves - if you ask us to help you with your body awareness, we will teach you about your ailments, imbalances, and strengths in so much detail that it will blow your mind!! Balance and coordination exercised are practiced as part of every Pilates class, because without these things how do we do our day to day activities with ease?

Enhance vitality, stamina, and performance, and; - this is why so many AFL footballers and pro-athletes are doing Pilates! They’ve recognised if they combine Pilates with regular training, their body is not only in top shape, but less likely to become injured, plus they have a competitive advantage over everyone else!!!!

Prevent injuries! - this is a huge one! In my past life I played competitive touch rugby. The season I did regular Pilates alongside my other training was the first year I went through an entire season injury free.

Pilates truly is for everybody, no matter what stage you are at with your health journey.  

It’s gentle enough to retrain ailments so you can feel healthier, happier & live pain-free or challenging enough so you can improve your strength, conditioning, and fitness!


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