Reduce your Lower Back Pain with our simple tips!

It is very common for most people who work desk jobs to feel tight and sore as well as experience some form of lower back pain. 

If you have ever experienced lower back pain, or are currently suffering from it, you'll know all too well how extremely debilitating it can be, plus the negative impacts pain can have on other areas of your life including sleep and our ability to be productive at work.

Like with all health and wellness, there are very simple proactive things you can begin adding into your life to help you begin reducing pain!

Let's dive in......

Reduce repetitive flexion -  whilst it is totally normal to flex forward when picking something up or doing your housework, or other similar tasks, it is vital to be aware of what we are doing throughout the day that is not useful or functional flexion movements.  One of the most common I see is poor posture at work.

Most people I speak to struggle with posture at the computer and end up in a forward slumped (flexion) position after a long period of sitting. Repetitively sitting in this way, day in and day out, places tremendous strain and load on your spine, which can cause lower back pain and even injury! 

Avoid unhealthy flexion activities by practicing good posture at work and making sure you are moving away from your desk as frequently as possible.

Strengthen your legs, hips, buttocks, abdominals and lower back - when we sit for long periods of time or if we have a sedentary lifestyle our muscles can become weak and tight!  Specifically, strengthen these areas I mentioned above to support your lower back!   If you don't know what exercises to do speak to your health care professional, personal trainer or Pilates expert.

Commit to daily stretching - stretching is a simple thing you can do to provide your body with the care it needs to stay healthy, increase your flexibility and energy, and reduce the risk of injury!   There are specific stretches that you can do to help you feel better at work and reduce lower back pain!!

Don't forget that we have put together a simple stretch guide you can do at work. 

Download it here >>

Move around as much as possible -  this is hugely important.  Our bodies were not designed to sit at computers or at a desk all day.  Help your body and your back to stay healthy by getting up and moving away from your desk every 30-minutes.  

Have your workstation ergonomically tested - ask your work to have your desk ergonomically tested to make sure your computer, phone, mouse and the like, are all positioned correctly for your body.  This is important to help reduce the impact on your body from repetitive tasks.  If you are sitting in a poor posture all day the risk of pain and injury to your back is increased! 

Improve your desk posture - practice having good posture by sitting up straight and avoid sitting crossed legged.  This sounds simple but trying to undo the habit of slouching and crossing your legs can be tricky. 

It’s important when we are sitting to have an evenly balanced pelvis. If we are constantly sitting crossed legged (which puts our pelvis in odd positions) other muscles in our body will need to overcompensate to accommodate. 

Making these changes will feel totally strange and uncomfortable but stay consistent with it and it'll get easier and easier, eventually becoming more natural. 

Try Pilates - I definitely couldn’t wrap up this topic without adding this in!  Pilates training can be specifically programmed to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones caused by long periods of sitting!   

The Pilates method is being used more and more these days to help people who have a sedentary lifestyle, are injured or are in pain because the exercises in the system can be specifically modified to address the clients body, giving them faster and better results than any other fitness modality.

Regular massages - if you haven't tried massage before, I highly recommend it! Not only is it great to reduce stress and detox your body, your masseuse can specifically work on reducing all of your tension and tightness in your back, shoulders, and neck!  Absolute bliss!!! 

Don't forget to download your stretch guide!  Download it here >>

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