Get into Shape for Spring!

If you know me well, you'll know I am a huge advocate for keeping food and exercise as simple as possible!  I believe that it is in the basics that we form a foundation of habits that create our healthy lifestyle. 

I see so many people these days looking for a 'quick fix' or 'the secret' to how another person is fit and healthy!  But in honesty, there isn't one! It is doing the basics consistently day in and day out!

So today, say goodbye to feeling like health is too hard and stop looking for quick answers, instead connect with me through my blog and socials so you can start making some positive, yet simple changes for better long-term health! 

Now, Spring is the perfect time for dropping our bad Winter habits (yes we all have them, mine is pizza!), shredding those extra layers, and, of course, my favourite, spring cleaning.

There is lots of information out there that can be helpful but also overwhelming, but not every method works for every person. Have a read through these tips, use what works, throw out what doesn’t (guilt free!) and remember to keep it simple!

Before doing anything else identity what your “why” is for getting healthy - everyone has a different reason to exercise and to eat well.  Here are some examples - to lose weight, to increase energy, to boost your confidence, to feel better about yourself or to meet new like-minded people.   When you know your “why” it makes it easier to say “no thanks” to cake a work colleague has brought into the office!

Schedule in your workouts to practice moving regularly - now there are two aspects to this point.  Firstly, not all of us love going to the gym or doing a fitness class, and that is totally ok. Find what YOU love and what makes you feel good because that's what will help motivate you.

Secondly, start small.  If you are just getting back into fitness or want to start making some serious changes to your health, start by making little daily changes, this prevents overwhelm which ultimately leads to inaction!!!  So if for example, your goal is to complete a 30-minute walk daily, start with 2 small walks per week and build from there, or, you could start with a daily 10-minute walk and gradually build to 30-minutes!

The point is, it’s our small daily acts over a long period of time which create outstanding results long term and create positive daily habits that are easy to stick to!

Make movement part of your daily routine - If you work a desk job finding an hour for the gym can be tricky to fit in, so the easiest practice you can try is to find movement throughout your day!  Stand up and move around and make your day as active as possible so that you are essentially exercising throughout the day!

You can add in activities like squeezing in a walk at lunch, try a walking staff meeting, take the stairs instead of the lifts,  get off your bus one stop earlier so you can walk further to work and; take regular stand-up and stretching breaks away from your desk.

All these small things will help your overall health long-term and help you feel good for Spring!

Eat less from a packet! - Forget about counting every single calorie, not only is this stressful and time-consuming, it takes the fun out of eating.  Instead, focus on fueling your body with foods that aren’t highly processed and from a packet. Some examples of what to begin including into your daily eating are; fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy and clean proteins, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes.

Each bite is either a net gain or a loss, so before eating a packet of chips, think, will this be adding to my health or taking from it?  

Food is here to be enjoyed - it’s super important to eat what you love, what makes you feel good and to treat yourself from time to time. One of my fav treats is a croissant with coffee on a Sunday! Yum!!!!

Get lots of sleep!  -  Sleep is vital for being at your optimal health!  It’s a fact that if we have a bad sleep, then the next day we are more likely to skip exercise and eat bad food.  Some benefits of sleep include reduced inflammation, improved memory, increased focus, reduced stress, increased ability to fight illness and sleep detoxes our body!  

If getting a good night's sleep is hard for you, try going back to basics like; turning the television off at least one hour before bed (this includes mobile phones, laptops and the like), dim your home lights in the evening, eat dinner a little earlier and avoid sugary foods and alcohol before bed. You can also try reading or listening to a guided sleep meditation.

Drink water - sounds simple, I know!  But health is simple, we just over-complicate it at times!!! The general rule with water is 8 glasses a day! (This includes the water in coffee and tea).  But if you don’t like drinking water 8 glasses will be a stretch.  Start simple by setting a goal of having 1-2 glasses of water per day and build from there, giving your taste buds time to adjust!  

There are many great benefits to drinking water including hydration (which reduces headaches), nourishes your skin, increases your energy and filling up the water bottle is another great way to move at work because of the many times you’ll need to go to the toilet! You can also add delicious flavors to your water like a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

Talk to a work colleague or friend about getting in shape with you -  firstly, vocalising our goals keeps us more accountable, but working out with a friend makes it so much more fun!! Schedule in the times and days that work for both of you and encourage each other to make the sessions!

There is no “right” way to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle; there is only what works for you.

Realistic tweaks to your routine are the first steps to a lasting habit. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too many ambitious goals at once; instead, stick to the basics.

And remember: Being healthy should feel fun, and be something you look forward to every day.

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