Benefits to Stretching at Work

Working a desk job can be challenging on your body both physically and mentally.  Physically our muscles tighten or lose strength, there are daily postural challenges and; a long day of sitting can cause pain! 

It is important to point out that you are not alone in feeling this way.  It is very common for most people who work desk jobs to feel tight, sore and even pain from long periods of sitting.

There are some simple things that you can do, like stretching, which can provide your body with the care it needs to stay supple, healthy and happy.

Depending on the culture at your workplace you may be hesitant to stretch at your desk, but here are a few good reasons why you should make regular stretching part of your daily routine:

Improve your flexibility - one of the great benefits of regular stretching is an improvement in your muscles flexibility.  It is very common for most of us to experience tight hips, back, neck and shoulders from desk work, but through gentle daily stretching, you can reduce this tension and tightness! 

Reduce lower back pain - if we sit for hours at a time we tend to unconsciously slump over our desk or have poor posture which can create lower back tightness or even pain.  If your back feels tight and uncomfortable from your job by completing a few stretches every day this will help relieve the tension and ultimately improve your spinal health.

If you are interested in knowing what stretches are best to do at work to target all the key areas that get tight plus reduce lower back pain download our free stretch guide.

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Now back to the benefits of stretching!!! 

Increase your energy - stepping away from your desk to stretch between or during work activities can improve your focus, energy, and productivity.  Movement in general acts as a powerful form of stress relief and boosts your mood lifting hormones,  By adding gentle stretches into your daily routine you will relax tense muscles associated with stress which will leave you feeling rejuvenated.  

Promote increased blood circulation - as soon as we sit down circulation is reduced to our legs causing our muscles to shut down and; the number of calories we burn drops drastically!  Stretching daily to increase blood flow and supply of nutrients around the body is vital to reducing the impact on our bodies from sitting. 

Improving blood circulation has positive flow-on effects for your health, promoting cell growth and repair and proper organ function as well as breaking down fat by increasing enzyme production.  Your skin also benefits from an increase in blood circulation, your body is more equipped to fight infection and you'll have an overall improvement of well-being.

And... last but not least....

Stretching prepares your body for work - warming up your body and stretching are very natural things to do.  Just as you'd benefit from stretching before you go for a walk, a jog or to the gym, stretching can prepare your body for your desk job - which will help you to maintain better posture and reduce the tension placed on your body from sedentary work.

Happy stretching! 

If you need some ideas with what stretches are best to help you combat your desk work download our free stretching guide >>


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