The Benefits of Meditation

What is all the fuss about?  Why is Mindfulness and Meditation becoming a very popular technique with people and workplaces trying to reduce stress and improve health and well-being? 

Well let's start by looking at some of the many benefits of a regular Meditation practice:

  1. Slows down breathing and heart rate,

  2. Reduces anxiety and stress,

  3. Reduces depression,

  4. Increases focus, concentration and clarity,

  5. Lowers blood pressure (when high),

  6. Improves your performance and coping mechanisms,

  7. Increases energy,

  8. Enhances self-esteem and confidence,

  9. Increases your awareness.

  10. Improves information processing,

  11. Improves sleep (Sooooo your Sympathetic Nervous System can actually rest while you are sleeping!!),

  12. Improves overall health and well-being.

In today's modern society everything is fast-paced, we are accessible practically 24-7 and we have information 'now' syndrome where anything we need at our fingertips. 

But what is our fast past lives doing to our health?  The numbers released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Australian’s are stressing more than ever.   Results show 75% of Australian’s surveyed admitted that stress has noticeable effects on their physical health and 64% said it affected their mental health. 

How are we dealing with stress? According to statistics – 86% of us watch TV and Movies to reduce stress. We are also eating junk food, surfing social media and drinking 'lots' of wine for that quick moment of release.   There are also many positive ways that we are dealing with stress such as looking after our health e.g. nutrition, sleep, lots of exercise and Meditation practice. 

Meditation is one of the best stress techniques known but don't take my word for it, if you have a look around at various journal articles you'll find that Meditation is an actual science and the results can be verified.  In the past, it certainly has had the 'fluff' or 'spiritual' connotation attached to the practice but due to the many people accepting the practice of Mindfulness, the movement across to Meditation feels very natural.  

What is Meditation?  It's the practice of tuning into the silence and stillness within were your mind focuses on one thing, for example, your breathing.  Over the course of learning to practice Meditation, you will eventually attain a state of consciousness, different from your normal waking state, where you are able to rest your mind from the busy chatter.   

What is so important about focusing on one thing and giving your brain a rest?  When we meditate our beta brainwave frequency is lowered, so we slow down the processing of information.  This doesn’t sound good, but it is. The more we slow the processing of information, which gives our brains rest, the better we actually are at focusing and processing information, so we are more effective.  

During Meditation, we are practicing towards a mind that is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused.  You are fully awake and alert, but your mind is not focused on the external world or on the events taking place around you, but rather you are one-pointed (one-focused) to allow the mind to become silent and still.  It is only then when you find silence, can your meditation practice deepen and the many benefits be received.

If you are interested in learning how to practice Meditation and want useful techniques to reduce stress -  keep an eye out for our next 'Stress and Meditation' workshop.  If you cannot wait, we can run a workshop at your workplace. 

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