What is Private Pilates Training?

Meet Sarah!  Sarah is one of our amazing clients.  She works full time and does really long hours in a high-stress job!  She has constant back pain and a sore neck and shoulders which she attributes to her job.  Sarah doesn’t exercise because everything she tries causes more pain. She goes to a physiotherapist and a massage therapist regularly which feels amazing, but her pain isn’t going away and it is starting to cost a lot of money.

Her physiotherapist has recommended Sarah starts practicing Pilates. She’s tried group Pilates, but it just caused more pain, just like all the other exercise modalities she’s tried.  So she gives up. She puts up with the pain and now just feels that it is normal to be in pain and to have headaches every single day.  Her last resort on her bad days is to take painkillers and this has become a regular way for her to manage pain.

Sarah eventually opened up to her Pilates Instructor after a group class because her neck was aggravated after doing the abdominal exercises.  She found out from her instructor that there are TWO types of Pilates and was confused as to why she had never been told this before.

The first type of Pilates is Group Pilates which is perfect for generally healthy bodies.  Bodies that have a little niggle here or there from day-to-day living, but it feels good to just move!

Then there is Private Pilates.  Private Training is both a workout and a private body treatment as we like to call it.  When you attend a Private Pilates session the Pilates program has been written to specifically address your pain, posture, and ailments in your body. It isnʻt by accident that the exercises suit you perfectly!  It is by careful precise exercise selection that it feels like it was made just for you.

A Private Pilates session includes the whole Pilates system.  What this means is, your instructor will use a combination of the large apparatus and small apparatus to give you what your body needs.  Again, this isnʻt by chance. The apparatus your instructor chooses for you is what you need for your body!

The full Pilates system includes a mat, barrels, Reformer, Wunda chair, Cadillac and various small apps such as toning weights, ankle weights, wobble boards, magic circles, release balls, foam rollers - and the list goes on and on...  Your instructor will use a variety of apparatus so your body gets exactly what it needs, whether that be challenge or support.

The Private Pilates session is you and your instructor.  Why? Because Pilates is technical. You won't be throwing your body around through a fitness program.  You are intelligently and precisely moving your body with a focus on breathing, core connection, concentration, and control. You will learn the foundations of Pilates and how to apply them to movement, but most importantly you learn to understand your unique body and how it moves.

So Sarah’s instructor wrote her a program in the following way:  

  1. Abdominal Strength - Her program focused on strengthening her abdominals and her core to support her lower back.  We have four layers of abdominals and her program, therefore, started at strengthening the deepest layer, her transverse abdominis, so she could build her strength from the inside out.  

  2. Back Strengthening - When we sit all day we don’t mean to, but we can often slouch. Slouching loads our lower back and causes pain. In some cases, if we have been slouching for a long time we can do serious damage to our spine which can result in injuries.  Retraining and strengthening our back muscles helps us prevent pain, prevent injury and improves poor posture.

  3. Shoulder Conditioning - Often when there is neck pain, it can be caused by bad posture. The most common problem is the way we sit. We sit forward over our desk, our computer and our smartphone.  This affects the position of our shoulders long term, which has long-term implications for our necks. Our neck will experience pain because the shoulders aren’t correctly supporting the weight of the head.  So Sarahʻs program covered conditioning of her upper back, neck, and shoulders to improve her posture and reduce pain.

  4. Neck Conditioning - The neck position that Sarah was experiencing was a forward head carriage, which means the back of her neck was working overtime to hold her head up which caused pain not only in her neck but her shoulders too! So her program both released and strengthened her neck which improved her posture but also meant that when she attempted abdominal work during Group Pilates she eventually had no pain.

  5. Functional Movement - It may come as a surprise, but Sarah's program focused on her body as a whole through functional full-body movements.  Why?  because our body is one unit rather than individual body parts.  Often when we have pain in one part of the body it doesn't mean that this is where the pain originates from.  So her instructor trained her body from her feet all the way up to the crown of her head through full-body functional movement.

So over time, Sarah was able to correct her posture and improve her strength which reduced her pain.  Most importantly she learned her own unique body so she could do here day-to-day living with ease!.  She had a much better understanding of her own body so that when she attended group classes she was able to self-manage, especially if the instructor didn’t get a chance to get to her during each exercise.  Now that Sarah has found more confidence in her body and is no longer in pain she has been able to try other exercise modalities to continue working on her health and fitness.

Pilates is a building block.  It educates us, it teaches us and it heals our bodies.  Practicing Pilates regularly allows us to move through our day pain-free and with ease.  

Want more information? Call Jodie on 04041 436 986 or book in a session with us.  This month we are offering all clients (new and current) our Studio Package for $199 which includes three Private Training sessions and three group classes (valued at $330).  

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