The 6 Benefits to Men who do Pilates!

Pilates & Men

There is a common misconception that Pilates is for women.  Whilst this is absolutely true because there are extensive benefits to women who regularly do Pilates, there are also extensive benefits to men.

But for most men, the thought of going to a Pilates matwork class with a group of women, to stretch doesn’t sound appealing.

The below article will highlight the top 6 benefits to men who practice Pilates as part of their fitness schedule:

  1. The Pilates method strengthens intrinsic muscles for even more overall body strength.  Pilates training identifies muscle groups of the body that have been neglected or underworked and programs to address this.

  2. Flexibility is a key element in the method to reduce the chance of injury and to increase muscle flexibility and joint mobility.   Whatʻs unique about the flexibility element is the stretching component is happening simultaneously while you are working out. Just think of veggies being hidden in food!

  3. Recovery and injury prevention is a large part of the method.   The pilates method enhances athletic performance by developing the client's core control, power, strength, and stamina through our flowing and controlled movement sequences.  As the clientʻs movement efficiency improves the risk of injury is decreased.

  4. Build core strength “aka” the powerhouse.  The entire method is built around strengthening and supporting your body through your core strength.  It may come as a surprise that Pilates Practitioners don’t just look at the lower abdominals, it encompasses much more when building core including your upper back and glutes!  Not only does the client learn how to connect the core and use it correctly, but they also develop a deep understanding of how this applies to other functional movement endeavors such as running or cycling.    

  5. Athletic conditioning is an essential part of training for all athletes or regular sport goers.  Sport-specific programs are written to address muscles weakness and imbalances, which prevent injury and build specific strength to give you an advantage in your performance.

  6. Reduce lower back pain.  With the increased number of men suffering from lower back pain, it is even more important than ever to be incorporating the practice of Pilates into the weekly routine.

Last but not least, Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Pilates!  But this is an article for another time.