About Our Studio

Vital Wellness Pilates is an expert Pilates studio offering a variety or group classes, private training services and workplace wellness programs to the local community in the Perth, CBD.

All our instructions are fully qualified and we each maintain full membership with the Pilates industry regulatory body, the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).

Our Pilates studio is registered and recognised by the PAA.

Pilates Alliance Australasia

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Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated Pilates professionals.

Jodie Tapper - Pilates Instructor

Jodie is the owner of Vital Wellness Pilates and a fully qualified Pilates Practitioner holding the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method which is the highest available qualification in Australia. Jodie started her Pilates practice over 10 years ago when she was working full time in a desk job and suffered from daily back, neck and shoulder pain. The difference Jodie felt in her body within just a short period of time was so incredibly powerful that she decided to become a teacher of the method. Jodie has been teaching Pilates now for over 8 years. Find out more about Jodie and how she left the corporate world to teach Pilates >>

Yvonne - Pilates teacher

Yvonne is a fully qualified Pilates teacher holding the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, a certified personal trainer and a qualified massage therapist, Yvonne was a former aerialist and decided to become a Pilates instructor to fix the injuries and ailments she had acquired during this time. She loves educating and helping people with their bodies and feels rewarded when she sees her clients becoming stronger, healthier and achieving goals they felt were unattainable. Outside of Pilates she loves to take her dog for walks and loves to cook. Yvonne has been teaching Pilates for almost 4 years and has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years.

Juliette Adamson - Pilates teacher

Juliette is a fully qualified Pilates teacher holding the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction as well as a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science. Julietteʻs interest in Pilates began when a Physiotherapist recommended that she start practicing Pilates to help her with her Scoliosis. Practicing Pilates has not only helped Juliette with the symptoms but it has pushed her to educate herself on the complexities of this spinal condition and what the best treatment options (exercise included) are for someone in her position. What Juliette loves about teaching Pilates is the relationships she builds with her clients and the reward she receives from being able to educate others and help them understand their own unique body. Juliette has been teaching Pilates for over 6 years.

Marjorie - Pilates instructor

Marjorie is a certified Matwork, Reformer and Studio Pilates teacher through the internationally recognised STOTT Pilates. Marjorie has a passion for all things movement. From the young age of 3 she practiced gymnastics to build a sense of coordination, artistic and acrobatic skills, eventually leading her to Cirque Du Soleil where she learned trampo wall and discovered Pilates. Following an ankle injury she practiced Pilates on a daily basis. Experiencing great results and rapid recovery, she has realized the benefits of this unique approach and she has decided to perfect herself and share it with others by becoming an instructor. She has been teaching for over 6 years.


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